edTPA Local Evaluation Grant

February 13, 2015

The Local Evaluation Training grants, launched in 2014, continue to be available in 2014-2015. However, the Bush Foundation Grant is ending. THIS IS THE LAST OPPORTUNITY TO ACCESS THESE FUNDS.

Attached please find the application form for a grant at your site.  Also, an expense report is provided for reimbursement when the training or analysis of data is completed. The Power Point explaining the purpose of these grants is also posted below.
Those who attended previous edTPA Regional Training are eligible to lead or help with evaluation and/or analysis of your edTPAs.  You may want to include them in a training/analysis event at your campus.  If you do so, you certainly can pay them a "stipend" for the day.  What we cannot  reimburse are the salaries  or duty day amounts for all faculty members. The edTPA funds are from a Bush Foundation Grant and we are obligated to follow their guidelines.
What can the funds be used for?
Training on how to evaluate edTPA and provide feedback to students
Analyzing edTPA data for continuous improvement
Introductory training for new faculty
Criteria for approved expenditures:
                        Food, lodging, hiring training with a stipend/honorarium, copies & supplies 
There is approximately $1000 available for each IHE. 
Please note, if you believe that you need more than $1000 than pre-approval is required.  Contact Joyce Strand if you believe that the cost will be greater than $1000 for pre-approval before you set up your event. 
Joyce Strand is the Chairperson for the Grant Committee.  Please contact Joyce at jstrand1@d.umn.edu with any additional questions. 
Information and application materials:
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