MACTE Minutes (to Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board)

2019-2020 MACTE Minutes Presented to the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board

2019 November – Draft SEPs, Our Early Impressions.
2019 October – Elevating the Teaching Profession for Rural Schools
2019 September – It’s a New Academic Year

2018-2019 MACTE Minutes Presented to the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board

2019 May – Policy and Teacher Shortages
2019 February – MACTE Legislative Priorities
2019 January – MACTE Collaboration with Other Education Organizations
2018 December – Reflections on Work Done and To Be Done
2018 October – Out-of-State Praxis Tests
2018  September MACTE Minute – A New School Year

2017-2018 MACTE Minutes Presented to the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board, previously MN Board of Teaching

2018 May MACTE Minute – Interpreting Faculty Qualifications
2018 April – No MACTE Minute
2018 March – Cyndy Crist delivered our legislative position, no written minute
2018 February MACTE Minute – Our Agenda for this Year

2018 January MACTE Minute – Introducing Ourselves
2017 December MACTE Minute – Gratitude
2017 November MACTE Minute – Recommended Metrics
2017 October MACTE Minute – Diversity Focus
2017 September MACTE Minute – Educator Preparation Goals

2016-2017 MACTE Minutes presented to the MN Board of Teaching

2017 January MACTE Minute – Legislative Issues and Priorities
(No December Minute was presented)
2016 November MACTE Minute – Our Fall Meeting
2016 October MACTE Minute – edTPA Scores
2016 September MACTE Minute –  (Re)Introduction to MACTE

2015-2016 MACTE Minutes presented to the MN Board of Teaching

2016 May MACTE Minute – Basic Skills Tests – Learning from Experience
2016 April MACTE Minute – Tiered Licensure
2016 March MACTE Minute – Start of the Session
2016 February MACTE Minute – Collective Efforts to Diversify the Teaching Workforce
2015 December MACTE_Minute – Common Licensing Standards for All MN Teachers
2015 November MACTE Minute – Basic Skills Testing
2015 October
MACTE Minute – Standards and Rules Advisory Committee
2015 September MACTE Minute – Update on the edTPA Grant

2014-2015 MACTE Minutes presented to the MN Board of Teaching

2015 June MACTE Minute — Teacher License Testing
2015 May MACTE Minute -Review of Standards for Licensure
2015 April MACTE Minute – Guiding Our Work Together
2015 March MACTE Minute – Sharing Our Standards
2015 January MACTE Minute – Proposed Teacher Preparation Regulations
2015 December MACTE Minute – Issues with the Special Ed Core  and  Supplement: SPED Core Analysis
2014 November MACTE Minute – Profession Ready
(No October Minute was presented)
2014 September MACTE Minute – Collaboration for Continuous Progress Makes a Difference

2013-2014 MACTE Minutes presented to the MN BOT

2014 May MACTE Minute ­- Career Pathways and Technical Education
2014 April MACTE Minute – Clinical Experience in MN-A Critical Component for Preparing Teachers
2014 March MACTE Minute – A New Director
2014 February MACTE Minute – Priority Issues
2014 January MACE Minute – Progress Through Effective Preparation
2013 December MACTE Minute-Gratitude
2013 November MACTE Minute-Transitions (is unavailable)
2013 October MACTE Minute – Collaboration for Change
2013 September MACTE Minute – Juggling to Create Change

2012-2013 MACTE Minutes presented to MN BOT

2013 May MACTE Minute – Educator Preparation-Myths vs. Facts
2013 March MACTE Minute-Teacher Education in Minnesota
2013 February MACTE Minute – Educator Preparation-Myth vs. Fact
2013 January MACTE Minute – Myth Busting-Accountability
2012 December MACTE Minute-Myth vs. Fact
2012 November MACTE Minute – The Changing Mission of Teacher Education and the role of assessment
2012 October MACTE Minute – MTLE High Stakes Tests
2012 June MACTE Minute – Where is the Teacher

2011-2012 MACTE Minutes presented to MN BOT

2012 May MACTE Minute – Online Digital Learning
2012 April MACTE Minute – Lost Opportunities
2012 March MACTE Minute – Statewide Tiered Licensure Recommendaion
2012 February MACTE Minute Revisiting the Concept of Cut Score and its Importance to MTLE Decision Making
2012 January MACTE Minute – Exchange of Information
2011 December MACTE Minute – Background Checks
2011 November MACTE Minute-Readiness to Teach
2011 September MACTE Minute – What is MACTE?

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